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Elk: a tiny JS engine for embedded systems

Elk is a tiny embeddable JavaScript engine that implements a small but usable subset of ES6. It is designed for microcontroller development. Instead of writing firmware code in C/C++, Elk allows to develop in JavaScript. Another use case is providing customers with a secure, protected scripting environment for product customisation.

Elk features include:

- Cross platform. Works anywhere from 8-bit microcontrollers to 64-bit servers
- Zero dependencies. Builds cleanly by ISO C or ISO C++ compilers
- Easy to embed: just copy elk.c and elk.h to your source tree
- Very small and simple embedding API
- Can call native C/C++ functions from JavaScript and vice versa
- Does not use malloc. Operates with a given memory buffer only
- Small footprint: about 20KB on flash/disk, about 100 bytes RAM for core VM
- No bytecode. Interprets JS code directly”

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