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A 4-legged mobile robot that tracks and wiggles its tail when it sees a human face. It can be controlled from remote PC through WiFi.

The development of terrestrial locomotion of legged robots has been continuously growing over the past few decades irrespective of the complexities involved in the design and development of these robots. This is because of the advantages in terms of maneuverability, transverse ability, ability to navigate on different terrains, efficiency, navigation over obstacles etc they have over wheel robot vehicles. The advantages of legged locomotion depend on the postures, the number of legs, and the functionality of the leg.

The quadruped robots are the best choice among all legged robots related to mobility and stability of locomotion. The four legs of the robot can be easily controlled, designed, and maintained as compared to two or six legs.

This example project demonstrates how to build a basic 4-legged WiFi remote controlled mobile robot with an on-board auto face tracking camera from scratch. It is completely controlled by the user manually from host PC through WiFi with following features

- Forward, backward, left and right walking
- Left and right rotation along its center
- Takes left and right turn while moving forward and backward
- Camera manual pan and tilt control along with flash LED
- Camera auto face tracking when a human face is detected
- Wiggle its tail when a human face is detected by the camera”

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