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This mobile robot with a 4 DOF robotic arm and camera can be controlled remotely from a host PC without the need to be in line of sight.

Mobile Arm Robots combine the advantages of mobile platforms and robotic manipulator arms. The extra degrees of freedom from the mobile platform provide user with more workspace and accessibility. Such robots find their place in industrial, health-care and home-care sectors.

This project shows how to build a basic WiFi remote controlled 4 wheeled mobile robot with a 4 axes robotic arm manipulator mounted on its chassis. It has an on-board WiFi camera mounted on the robotic arm. This robot is completely controlled by the user manually from host PC through WiFi.

Getting Started
Step 1: Build the hardware as described in the ‘Hardware Development’ section.

Step 2: Install latest version of CASP from this link: Please go through this link: for video tutorials on CASP.

Step 3: Download example project on ‘Remote Controlled Mobile Arm Robot with on-board Camera’ at this link: and follow the steps mentioned in the ‘Software Development’ section.

Step 4: Some adjustments as described in ‘Adjustments’ section are required for tuning the software to match your developed hardware. You may also further enhance the performance of the robot by modifying the source code from the custom blocks.

Step 5: Keyboard and mouse controls to control the robot are described in ‘Control Methodology’ section.

Step 6: Finally, safety precautions to be followed are described in ‘Safety’ section.”

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