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The Luminous Umbrella allows you to create a magical and colorful spectacle over your head to stand out from the crowd or enhance your mood.

The “Luminous Umbrella” design is an innovative umbrella that is equipped with luminous LEDs to change the color of the lighting. This unique combination of umbrella and LEDs creates an extraordinary visual experience, enhancing your style and creating a unique atmosphere.

The history of the umbrella dates back to ancient Egypt. The umbrella was primarily used by the aristocracy and upper classes. The idea was to protect the skin from the scorching sun. Of course, the rulers did not carry the umbrella themselves, but were served by their slaves. These umbrellas did not protect against rain, and the typical umbrella design and automatic mechanism were developed centuries later. It is worth recalling that the name “umbrella” itself comes from the Italian words para sole meaning protection from the sun. In turn, the English word umbrella comes from umbra (Latin - shade).

When talking about sunny Italy, it should be remembered that it was there that the typically European fashion for umbrellas was born. Interestingly, it was at this time that the first rain umbrellas were created. In the first centuries, umbrellas were not at all functional and practical. Opening them posed many difficulties, because the material of the canopy was not properly adapted, like the current plastics. Later, a folding mechanism was invented. This was in Paris, in 1715, while the metal frame known today was developed in Britain, in 1852.Has the history and ways of using umbrellas already been exhausted?Certainly not.

The next step in the evolution of umbrellas are umbrellas illuminated from the inside with LED light.

The umbrella has always been an elegant accessory. And now, with the ability to change the light of the umbrella, you can perfectly match it with the color and style of your clothing or other accessories. Certainly, such an umbrella is a great idea to stand out from the gray crowd and emphasize your originality….”

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