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I am very excited to share this project with you because it looks absolutely beautiful and is super easy to make!

It’s a NanoLeaf inspired wireless Arduino RGB LED lights project that not only allows you to create any custom NanoLeaf shape you want but also use the same identical segments to create a 4-digit display, where you can display the time, temperature, humidity, or pretty much anything you want. All using one single modular segment and for a cheap affordable price! I have made a video that goes over the whole project and explains each step very clearly. So if you want a video version, I highly recommend watching the video as it is much easier to follow.

The instructable thumbnail image shows some of the things you can do with the segments in this project.

Lets get into it to see how this is all made!

Let’s first go over all the components you will need for the project.

- ESP32, for the micro-controller.
- 12V 8A, power supply.
- LM2596 or any step down converter, to convert 12V to 5V for the ESP32. Remember to use the screw on this component to adjust its output voltage to 5V using a voltmeter.
- LED strip, the specific one used in this project is the WS2811 LED strip. For all the supported LED strips, see this.
- 1000μF capacitor, across the LED strip.
- A4 3mm matte opal acrylic sheets (x7), used to get the glowing effect. You can cut 4 shapes using 1 A4 sheet. I recommend getting extra A4 sheets just in case something bad happens…
- Refer to Acrylic sheet shape to see what shape you need to cut from the acrylic sheets.
- DHT11(optional), used to get the temperature and humidity when using the 4-digit display.
- Power switch, to turn on and off.
- M2 bolts, to attach the lid to the main housing part. They can be from 8mm to 12mm long.
- 20 AWG flexible silicon wires, for connecting segments together.
- Dupont crimping tool, the tool used to make the dupont connectors.
Please note, all the 3D printed parts, code, and more information can be found in the project repository here.”

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