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Open Solar Project Controller

DC -> DC -> DC Solar. With a single used solar panel, a few used batteries, and $40 in parts you can power your life, transportation and all. ESP32 Arduino + DC-DC buck-converter + Solar Panel + Battery = internet-connected, privately hosted smart solar MPPT power system.

What is this exactly?
A solar charge controller. A cheap off-the-shelf power supply + a cheap WiFi microcontroller.

Costs less than $40 in total parts
Works with 12 - 82VDC Solar Panels, (enabling big and efficient series strings of panels!)
Works with 3 - 60VDC batteries. Directly charge your high-voltage eBike batteries!
Is open source, modify it as you wish!
Connects to your MQTT smart home
Lets you own your own data
Gives you graphs and charts about your system from anywhere
It’s a MPPT, Maximum Power Point Tracking solar controller which means you get many times the energy from your panel than if you connected it directly. (needs citation & real statistic 😅)”

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