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This self balancing mobile robot with pan & tilt camera can be navigated remotely from host PC without the need to be in line of sight.

Self-balancing mobile robots (SBMRs) are unique among others, just because of their ability to balance on a given fixed position. A typical SBMR measures inclination angle with the combination of accelerometer and gyroscope measurements and corrects itself by moving forward or backward to make the angle zero. Proportional-Integral-Derivative (PID) controller is used for deciding how much movement is required and at what rate to quickly correct the angle drift and stabilize the robot. Things become challenging when such a robot is to be navigated (moved or rotated) manually from remote location.

This project demonstrates how to build a basic WiFi remote controlled 2 wheeled SBMR that has an on-board WiFi camera mounted on a servos powered pan & tilt assembly. It is manually controlled by the user from host PC through WiFi. Because of the live video feed available from the on-board camera, the SBMR need not be inline of sight from the user.”

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