Arduino Balancing Itself Robot
This Robot is based on the Joop Brokking Project (YABR - Your Arduino Balancing Robot)
Adapted for my building conditions and PID adjustments.
The Robot has a very simple construction, but it has many concepts that can be learned and / or improved with the construction and adjustment of this robot.
Constraining with other self-balancing robots, you will notice that it uses step motors unlike many (the majority) who use DC motors with gearboxes that are cheaper; but the one that uses stepper motor, offers much more opportunity of an excellent control of movement. DC motors have a lot of mechanical friction and electrical differentials that degrade over time and causes changes of performance over time, since stepper motors are free of these factors with much greater durability and constancy of operation.
In this post I will show all the details of building the robot itself, also called self-balancing.
It consists of an Arduino module with an MPU (Gyroscope and Accelerometer) controlling the angle and rotation of the robot to keep it balanced on the axis vertically, the control is done by driving two step motors so that it can have the balancing action using PID control to keep the robot upright (even when an external force is applied).
A remote control, controls the drive forward and backward and left and right.”


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