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The primary function of this die is to perform a magic trick.

The Trick: Give this die to a friend or observer and ask them to keep it under a glass, while you have turned your back on them. And you will correctly guess the number on top.

The die wirelessly transmits the die number to a small display. You can see the number on the display and correctly guess it.

The die is 99% accurate, with the exception of the battery running out.

The die is designed on tinkercad and 3D printed using ABS filament. The print time was approximately 45 minutes.

It contains an esp-01, mpu 6050 gyro sensor, a small battery and a reed switch.

Dimensions: 20mm x 20mm

Weight: < 50 grams

- ESP-01
- MPU 6050
- NO/NC Reed Switch
- 3.7V 160mah battery (401018)
- NodeMCU ESP-8266


- Soldering Iron
- Solder
- 3D printer”

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