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Hello fellow makers,
This is one of those projects that started of as one thing and ended up being something completely different.I started wanting to make a small spiral wind turbine that would charge up a supercapacitor and after a lot of failed prints trying to print an Archimedes screw, I designed this easy to print rotor.Unfortunately these didn’t work nearly as well as the Archimedes screw but I was still interested in seeing how well balanced it would be so I pushed it onto a motor shaft and hooked it up to a battery…and well I immediately decided it was going to become a desk fan!Not only is it whisper quiet but it gives a gentle omni-directional breeze.
Join me to see how you can make your own…

To make your own you will need the following:

- Access to a 3D printer
- Casting concrete mix
- 5v DC Motor
- 6mm I.D. 686 bearing
- 6mm stainless steel rod
- An old USB cable
- Adhesive
- Material for a mold
I used an old tea box for this project”

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