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DIY Turntable Rotating Platform

Hey guys how you doing

So here’s something revolutionary: a DIY Turntable Rotating Platform created entirely from scratch utilizing a unique PCB and 3D-printed parts.

Because it spins, it is revolutionary. Was this a dad joke, perhaps?

Without getting too funny, this system is propelled by a tiny gear DC motor and is entirely powered by a single 3.7V 18650 Li-ion cell.

With the exception of the changing motor type, I repurposed a PCB from an older project that used a fume extractor. That project functioned similarly to this one.

Because of its torque and operation at less than 5V, the Micro Gear DC Motor is ideal for this project.

Following are the materials required in this built-

- Custom PCBs
- Attiny13A
- IP5303
- 1uF 0805 Capacitors
- Vertical Pushbuttons
- USB Micro Port
- Lithium cell Holder
- 10K
- 2R
- AO4406 Mosfet IC
- DC Gear Motor
- 3D Printed Parts”

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