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TinySolder is a simple T12 Quick Heating Soldering Station based on the ATtiny13a featuring in 700 bytes of code:

Temperature measurement of the tip
Direct control of the heater
Temperature control via potentiometer
Handle movement detection (by checking ball switch)
Time driven sleep/power off mode if iron is unused (movement detection)
Indicator LEDs:

steady blue - station is powered
steady red - tip temperature has not reached setpoint yet
steady green - tip temperature is at setpoint - iron is worky
blinking red/green - iron is in sleep mode - move handle to wake up
steady red and green - iron is in off mode - move handle to start again
For calibration you need a soldering iron tips thermometer. For best results wait at least three minutes after switching on the soldering station before you start the calibration. Calibrate at your prefered temperature using the trimpot.”

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