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A Pen Holder made from PCBs and 3D Printed parts in an OverEnginnered Way.

The concept of this story was that after using a mug as a pen holder for some years, it was time for an upgrade—an OverEngineered upgrade.

I utilized four square PCBs and a few 3D-printed components to create a new pen holder. Three PCBs are only there for aesthetic purposes, but the one on the backside of the device has a power management IC that is being used to operate any 5V device, such as an Arduino board, or even charge a smartphone.

It also has a few RED LEDs that light up the entire system and make it appear like a lamp in the dark.

A 3D-printed pen holder would be easy to make, but where’s the fun in that? This pen holder’s overengineered design and built-in battery boost its usability and visual appeal, which in my opinion, makes it far superior to a pen holder that is entirely 3D printed.

This article is about how this project was built, so let’s get started.

Material required
These were the materials used in this built-

- IP5303 IC
- Custom PCBs
- 10uF Capacitor 0805 package
- 2 Ohms resistance 1206 package
- USB Micro Port
- USB Port
- Tactile Switch
- ON OFF Switch
- RED LEDs 5mm (you can use any color)
- 3D Printed parts”

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