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Arduino PH Meter

In this project, we will be making a benchtop pH meter using the gravity analog pH circuit and probe from Atlas Scientific and an Arduino Uno. Readings will be displayed on a liquid crystal display (LCD).


1 - Arduino Uno
1 - Gravity analog pH sensor
1 - pH probe
1 - 20x4 LCD module
1 - 158x90x60mm Enclosure
1 - Mini breadboard
Jumper wires
135 x 62 x 3.2mm acrylic sheet (plexiglass)
4 - 11mm standoffs and screws (comes with the pH sensor)
1 - 220Ω and 1 - 1kΩ resistors

Drill, drill bits, drywall cutter bits, files, screwdrivers, benchtop vise, band saw, glue gun and glue stick, soldering iron and solder, digital caliper, ruler.”

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