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Marine species are extremely sensitive to changes in environmental conditions. AquaMon IoT device and app helps your fishes to grow better.

Do you love sea creatures? I don’t think I would find a single person who would not fall in love with sea animals. Vibrant, spectacular colours, textures all over their body adapted for camouflaging, adapting to sea conditions and for attraction. Though I never had a chance to take a deep dive into the seas or oceans and experience the beauty, I enjoy it every day with my pet fish and a small aquarium. 😅 Fish are ideal pets for people who don’t have a lot of time or space for other common pets. Whenever I am sad or on a hunt for new ideas the best thing I do is, watching fish in the aquarium. It really helped me in improving stress and get a joyful moment amidst all the busy schedules of the day during the Covid Pandemic. It is also scientifically proved- “The hypnotic effect of watching fish swimming back and forth helps children calm down and relax… Watching fish not only lowers blood pressure and heart rate but reduces stress and anxiety, improves mood helping us to feel calm and relaxed. A natural and therapeutic tool to help children suffering from conditions such as ADHD and autism.” So, when your marine friends add so much value to your life what are you waiting for, take care of them properly so that they can thrive. You don’t need a big budget for that, it can be built easily with these cheap boards- Arduino UNO and ESP8266. I am also going to show you how easy and fun it is to build a cool internet-connected gadget and mobile app with the Tuya IoT Platform.”

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