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EASY Environment Monitor

Simplest of the simple. Uses an Arduino UNO, but could be used with other boards.

So, I made an Environment Monitor.

What does it do?
- Measures Temperature (in F)
- Humidity (in %)
- Barometric Pressure (in mb)
- Time since code first ran
It uses a DHT11 for humidity and temperature, and a BMP280 for barometric pressure.

How to build?
Alright, I got you.

- Plug the DHT 11 into Pin 2
- Using the power rails, create an I2C Bus
- Plug both the BMP280 and the LCD into the I2C Bus
- Give everything a proper power and ground supply
Wait a minute, what’s an I2C Bus?
It’s how to connect multiple I2C devices to one board.

You can set it up by using the power rails on a breadboard.

Plug SDA into negative or positive, and SCL into the other.”

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