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Arduino Controlled RGB-LED-Lamp #phablabs

Build your own RGB Lamp providing 3 bright light cones in red, green and blue (or other colors) which turn on and off in a row. The speed of the light show can be manually controlled by a turning knob which connects to a potentiometer (adjustable resistor). At low speed, the light cones visibly light up one after the other; at maximum speed they appear to shine at the same time, which generates some interesting color mixing: When you put your hands between the lamp and a white wall, new colors and colorful shadows appear!

Properties of this workshop:

Timeplanning: Total: 3h

1. Explaining of the photonics concept of ‘colours’ and ‘basics of electronics’: 20 minutes
2. Controlling and implementing electronics: 40 minutes
3. Programming the Wemos: 30 minutes
4. Checking the lamp: 20 minutes
5. Assembling the box: 40 minutes

Target audience: Young minds (10-14 years old)

Estimated cost: € 23”

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