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How to Make a Chess Clock With Arduino

You play chess?Probably.If you are seen this instructable and you never play a game of chess I think it some strange .OK , you can never played a game of chess and you are trying to learn ,in first place ,in this time I don’t gonna teach you how to play ,but the true answer is how to make a chess clock ,if you seen on TV or played on a championship of chess you see that every table have a clock a little double display clock.

There are many brands that fabricate this clocks the international clock authorized by FIDE is DGT this clock are many models ,practically every two ears goes out a new model but this clocks are very expensive a clock non authorized by FIDE can cost you about 100 euros in portugal ( like Excalibur ,a model of a clock non authorized but very good quality) can cost 150 euros .

OK let’s make a chess clock !:-D

Arduino board (can be anyone).
Jumper wires.
10k rotary potenciometer
two 10k resistors
two 220R resistors.
two LED
LCD display 16*2 chars
Two momentary push buttons
USB cable to program Arduino”

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