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This is a simple arduino project to make a electronic die. It is possible to choose for 1 to 6 dice or 1 out of 8 special dice. Choice is made by simply turning a rotary encoder.

These are the features:

1 die: showing big dots
2-6 dice: showing dots as well as total value (alternating)
4, 5, 8, 10, 12, 20, 24 and 30 faced dice showing value and indicator for chosen die
animation for rolling dice when pressing the button
It is possible to fit everything in a 7cm by 7cm cube including a battery. But then you would have to solder everything. I used a breadboard and some jumper wires to connect everything, hence the bigger box underneath.

To seed the arduino random numbers, I used the readout of an unconnected free pin.

Remark: This instructable will show you every step to make the e-dice work. I will add a pdf with a basic pattern for the box, however without further instructions. By putting a layer of paper over the led matrix, you make numbers and results more visible.

arduino (I used a nano)
rotary encoder (or click-encoder but we don’t use the push function)
8 x 8 led matrix with MAX7219 Module (fewer pins needed! 3 instead of 8)
wire jumpers”

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