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Created a touchless Covid Free Electronic Dice using Arduino to play some board games with my son.
My new project is an amazing way of giving our younger generation the taste of board games while staying COVID free.

For this project we need:
1 x Push Button Switch
1 x Arduino Nano R3 (or ESP8266)
1 x 8x8 Led Matrix with MAX7219 IC
1 x Step Up Power Module [MT3608]
1 x IR Sensor
1 x AA Battery Holder and Batteries
and Some Connecting Cables

Using a Step Up Power Module connected to 2 x AA batteries I am powering up the Arduino Nano.
In my logic, I am using an IR Module to send interrupts, which changes the face of the dice which is then displayed using a 8x8 LED Matrix.

If you want to change the face of the dice by shaking it, you can use a tilt sensor to generate the interrupts.
If you want to store the results in a database, you can use a ESP8266 board and send the result over WiFi and store it in a database.
The possibilities are endless, however, I just want to keep my circuit simple.”

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