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Software for Recording Audio Files Into ISD1700 Chips

Make the simplest ISD1700 programmer using Arduino.

In one of my recent projects I needed to add voicing the short text messages. Shields likeMP3-module with SD-card seemed to me excessive, and «teaching» Arduino to reproduce human speech would mean spending all the resources of microcontroller on this task only, which is an auxiliary one in fact. Also I would be running out of memory in any case.

Brief search revealed voice recording and playback chips of ISD1700 series, SPI-controlled, capable to store messages up to several minutes long.

Voice messages were prepared beforehand in form of separate files. The only question remained was the way to record those ones into IC memory. Programmers for ISD1700 are not widely spread and cost much higher than chips themselves do. There were some information on how to build one (, but I’m a programmer rather than radio amateur, so I wanted to use standard hardware – Arduino board were excellent for that role.

After the datasheet («ISD1700Design Guide») had been studied I realized there was an analog input through which the files could be recorded. And for process automation I decided to write special software - ISD1700 Record Tool.

ISD1700 Record Tool allows you to record a set of audio files into ISD1700 via Arduino board. The software consists of two parts: a sketch for Arduino board (ISD1700.ino) and standalone Windows application (ISD1700.exe).

The sketch in ISD1700.ino is written forATMega328P-based ARUINO board (tested on Arduino Uno and Arduino Nano), but probably may also work on other boards.

List of supportedISD1700’s:

1) ISD1730;
2) ISD1740;
3) ISD1750;
4) ISD1760;
5) ISD1790;
6) ISD17120;
7) ISD17150;
8) ISD17180;
9) ISD17210;
10) ISD17240.

Windows application is based on BASS audio library, which supports the most widely used formats: MP3, WAV, OGG etc.”

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