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Lightning Detector - Arduino NANO Shield with TA7642

Blitz-O-shield: Arduino Nano shield for thunderstorms and the (usually) associated lightning detection

I’ve always been fascinated by thunderstorms and the (usually) associated lightning.

So it would be good to know in advance whether a thunderstorm is approaching, wouldn’t it?

After some reading on the net, a shield was developed for the Arduino UNO.

The Blitz-o-shield was born.

At the request of various users, I have now adapted this to an Arduino Nano shield.

In the appendix you will find everything you need to get ideas and build the Blitz-o-shield.

How the software works:

At startup, the voltage of the TA7642 is increased by PWM until a certain BIAS voltage is applied to the TA7642.

This serves to compensate for the exemplar dispersion.

A running average value is then formed cyclically to counteract interference.

If a lightning event occurs (voltage drops at A0), a counter variable is increased.

After a certain time, the value is of course decremented again.

The LEDs are controlled depending on the value.

All plans and of course the software for this can be found here in the appendix.”

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