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SAP-1 Processor Architecture

A simple 8-bit micro-processor using mostly discrete logic chips.

This project is mostly based on the 8-bit Breadboard computer by Ben Eater

Banner Specs
~400 Hz Clock

8-bit Data Bus

16-bit Control Word

5 Microsteps per Instruction

16 byte RAM

Source (I want to build my own)
Check the projects Github for all files neccecary.

Clock with adjustable frequency and single-step button

2 8-bit Data Registers (A & B)

ALU implementing sum and difference between Registers A & B,
carry and zero flag

Flag Register to save the ALU flags between instructions

4-bit Instruction Counter with load (jump)

Output module to display a byte as positive decimal or
2s-complement with data latch

Random Access Memory with 16 Bytes for instructions and data

4-bit Memory Address Register to address the 16 bytes of RAM

8-bit Instruction Register with the upper nibble representing
the opcode, the lower nibble can be used for instruction parameters

Instruction Decoder to run the microcode of the 16 different instructions
with 5 microinstuctions each. Uses a 16-bit control word to control the other modules”

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