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SCOPETREX vector gaming on your oscilloscope!

Vector Gaming on Your Oscilloscope!
Have you ever wanted to buy a Vectrex, but you can’t afford the high prices on auction sites? Do you already have a hoard of Vectrexes, but want another one? Well now you can build your own!

The SCOPETREX is basically a Vectrex on a single board without a monitor. To play games, you have to connect it to an oscilloscope or an XY monitor.

This board is not just an exact clone of a Vectrex; it makes a number of improvements over the original.

Single +5V power supply, only 500mA (minimum)
Configurable X and Y size and polarity
Configurable brightness and video blanking polarity
Works with a 68A09/68B09 or the more common 68A09E/68B09E
Works with the AY-3-8912 sound chip or the cheaper AY-3-8910/YM2149F
Custom controller board which is also compatible with the Vectrex
Cool art on the board
All of the components are readily available, either from Mouser or from various brokers in China. The bills of materials include Mouser part numbers.”

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