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I wanted to make an art piece for coffee table that glowed as I sipped my morning coffee or my evening tea. The issue in this is that I am an engineer, not an artist. Though, because I am an engineer, I am clever. I found some Princess Mononoke art inspired by Sergio Mancinelli (More Info below). I developed a primitive framework to turn simple art into semicomplex engravings that are reminiscent of stained glass. This was as much an experiment as it was a challenge and from my mistakes, of which there were several, you loyal reader may learn a few new tricks as you sit sipping your coffee in the glow of your own art piece as well.


Fusion 360


5 types of glowing powders. I used Strontium based powders
16-20 ounces of clear resin
Wood to engrave. I used MDF board for the prototype and Oak veneered plywood the final
1 can Espresso wood stain
1 can lacquer
Vegetable oil



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