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CNC-machined Wooden Egg Speakers

To many people, a speaker is nothing more than a cheap piece of equipment they place somewhere on their desks so they can listen to some music or videos - not caring about looks or sound quality of the speaker whatsoever.

For other people, however - me included - a speaker is something that needs to be a great-looking design piece catching attention on the desk and the components for it are carefully selected and its dimensions precisely calculated for an optimal listening experience.

Quite a while ago, I saw a video about the Munro Sonic Egg 100 egg-shaped speakers on YouTube and ever since I had this crazy idea in my head, but was lacking the capabilities to make something similar.

A few weeks ago, however, I finished building my new CNC router and thought that the egg-shaped speaker would be an absolutely great way to explore the capabilities of my machine and learn many new techniques in CAD and CAM.

Follow along to see how I designed and manufactured this unique set of speakers…!

- CAD and CAM software (I used Autodesk Fusion 360 as an all-in-one solution)
- CNC router
- 3D printer
- approx. 5x 800x200mm boards of Acacia wood
- a pair of Dayton Audio RS100 speaker drivers
- speaker terminals
- 12 screws
- some epoxy and CA glue”

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