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This might seem totally useless, considering how advance current technology can be and you might even be like “Tsk! a Thermometer?”

But there is a lot of experiment based on temperature (water temperature, room temperature, etc) so digital thermometer becomes a key instrument for temperature measurement considering the other alternatives and cost/performance ratio. It is used from measuring temperature of human body to measuring temperature of chemical substances. So, In this Instructable we’ll build a digital thermometer which runs on a single CR2032 cell for almost 140days! (In makers term that is amazing!) and also run through optimizing the code and circuit for running in low power. Just to add some nostalgic moment, I used the piezo sensor to reset the thermometer that people usual do with a Mercury-in-glass thermometer.

So, enough with the story grab your supplies and let’s get started.

These are the list of products which can help you do this project with ease

- ATTINY dev board
- Piezo
- Arduino Nano
- PETG filament
- DS18B20
- OLED display
- CR2032
- CR2032 battery holder
- Resistor Kit
- 3d Printer
- Printer Upgrades”

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