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”Persona Project” electronic weareable device tag who can show your name for meetings, commercial presentations or funny messages for events.

Can show messages to your friend, customers, waiters, presentations
Loop messages
3 type of diferent texts sizes: 4linesx16chars, 2x8 and 1x4
Text with flashes
You can wear it on your tie, shirt, pocket…
Very low power consumption
Can be powered with your phone directly, or an external powerbank.
Low cost
Easy to build
Easy mod for other power sources like Lipo battery or twin CR-2032
You need this supplies:

3d printer with PLA filament
4 x wires (red, yellow, green, black)
1 x 0.91”OLED Display i2c type OLED
1 x Digispark ATTINY85 Lilypad Nano Lilypad”

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