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BigFDM: Open Source, Large Scale 3D Printer

BigFDM has a printing area of 800 x 800 x 900mm, its BOM is less than $3,000, and can be made in any fablab near to you!

We dream in a future of freedom, where open source hardware and fab labs enable people to fully understand how to make things they need, and where decentralized local production is customized to impact the surrounding community. Believing that empowering the user with knowledge about how to make machines, BigFDM wants to give to the world a powerful open source tool, to 3D print any large scale object you may need. And, together with LaserDuo, this is one of the first steps in developing other machines sharing the same philosophy.

BigFDM is an open source, large scale 3D printer.

Taking advantage of what we have learned in Fab Academy, BigFDM has been developed using standard Fab Lab equipment and techniques. BigFDM was in fact built in Fab Lab UAE by Daniele Ingrassia with the help of Hashim Al Sakkaf. Reversing the consumer process, where knowledge and building of machines stays inside a black box managed by companies, BigFDM brings the advantages of an open source development:

full awareness about how the machine works
reproducible design
possibility to customize the machine and/or to build new ones
built as much as possible with local materials
local self-fixing and self-production of the machine parts
community can use and improve the design
cheap alternative to large scale 3D printers
use BigFDM as tool to produce other open source machines
BigFDM allows the printing of large scale objects, some examples can be orthotics and prosthesis, art installations, furniture, replacement parts, industrial design prototypes, molds for casting of full scale parts. Using Fused Deposition Modeling (or FDM), it can use standard 2.85mm 3D printer filament, and as well common extruders nozzles.”

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