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This angler fish can sense what kind of prey it’s about to eat! But what’s extra special about this project is that it is made with DIY, low-fidelity sensors. Using simple materials like cardboard and circuit paint you can create your own ultra-custom sensors for just about anything you want.
The Hangry Angler is a great project to get started with roll-your-own sensors. Follow along and then remix it for your own sensing project!

- Circuit Paint (i.e. Conductive Ink)
- Conductive thread or stripped wire
- Cardboard Box about 12” x 16” x 2” (a laptop box works well)
- Extra cardboard
- Multimeter
- Arduino
- Assorted Resistors
- 2 RGB LEDs
- Jumper Cables
- Twisty Ties
- Scissors”

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