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Arduino Space Rocks Game

Whether they are played on a computer, on a phone, on a game console, or on a standalone box, a lot of video games include an element of obstacle avoidance. Sure, there may be points awarded for collecting tokens or finding your way through a maze, but rest assured that there is probably something in the game whose sole purpose is to prevent you from doing that. The first video game was Pong, but after that the most popular games were things like Asteroids or Pac-Man. A more recent variation would be the simple but addictive game of Flappy Birds.
Recently I saw that someone had made a simple two-level version of Flappy Bird that was played on a common 1602 LCD. I thought that would be something the grandkids might like so I decided to do my own variation from scratch. The 1602 version only has two levels so I decided to use a 2004 LCD (20x4) instead to slightly increase the difficulty of play. I also opted to make it more like Asteroids by having the player guide a ship through a maze of space rocks. Even if you arent interested in building the game, there might be some elements of the software that you can use in one of your own projects.”

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