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Animated RGB Mask

Today Mask has become an essential part to protect ourselves and also has become a lifestyle statement.
As a tech-savvy enthusiast, I have made a mask that protects and makes you look good.
The mask is made with the help of :
1) WS2812b led strip
2) Arduino Nano
And a bit of programming.
In this mask, you can display your own text, message, emoji, or anything of your choice.
It is 100% safe as it is powered by a mobile power bank of 20,000 mah.
The LED Matrix is removable to help us ensure the hygiene of the cloth part of the mask by washing or sanitizing it.
If any problem occurs or any query about this project add and ask me on discord:- Parth Bhatnagar#6168

1) Ws2812b led strips
2) Arduino Nano
3) Micro SD Card Module
4) PCB board
5) Momentary Switch
6) Power bank (5v 2.4 or 3 amp output)
7) Plastic case for Arduino nano and micro sd card module
8) Soldering Iron + Soldering Wire
9) Hot Glue Gun + Hot Glue Sticks
10) Big piece of cloth
11) Sheer Cotton Fabric
12) Heavy Cotton Fabric
13) Sewing Machine + Thread
14) Velcro
15) Elastic”

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