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Daft Punk may have retired but that doesn’t have to mean that you have to stop having fun with their inspiration!

Here is my second dedicated project to that musical duo. This project was pretty tough to pull ALL of the information together in a one stop oasis to get this project done, but most importantly, to get a close replica to the real thing without spending thousands of dollars to get there. The helmet design is a very close replica (if not perfect) to the Grammy helmet and the multiple sequences on the arduino give it the intrigue of wondering “what else can it do?” But, if you like Thomas’ better than Guy’s, go here… I made that too…

The Thomas Helmet

This one is harder to fabricate than Thomas’ because it involves thermoforming a great visor and it has a few more LED set ups (6) controlled by 3 Arduinos than Thomas’. The cables gets a little challenging as they connect to the helmet. If you are new to addressable LEDs, or Arduino programming, or circuit soldering / building, you might want to start with Thomas’ first as practice, that project is a bit more forgiving. Maybe at least, read through that Instructable first.

Oh and the gloves are super simple too! Just print, paint and glue and you’re all set!

So do not fret! Let’s go “ONE MORE TIME!”

2 - 3 Spools ABS or PLA filament($36) The visor mold buck takes a good 1/2 to 3/4 spool to make it alone.

ABS Spools

1 - 4x8’ petg sheetof plastic 0.060” thick cut into 2x2’ squares. ($70) but you need ONE good visor… You will burn up 3 learning to thermoform it, pick out the best one for you, and you make 4 more for your friends! This material is way more pricey online than local. It is better to find a local plastics supplier by calling around. It is very common and they will likely cut the 4x8’ sheet into the 2x2’ squares usually for free! Spend no more than $70 this product. Hence 5 visors for $70 is a good deal because online you can figure on spending 2-3x that price!

Machine Screws and T-Nuts - Size (6-32) Used for fastening the visor and LED frames to the Helmet frame. These also are obscenely pricey online. Go to the hardware store or big box home improvement store. I got mine for less that $3. This is a t-nut, but buy local.

2 - iDye POLY packets ($14) Black, use this with a deep, junky tub that will become permanently dyed in the process.

iDye Poly

4 cans Spray Paint - Rustoleum Auto Primer (gray) 2 cans, Semi Gloss White - 1 can, Flat black (inside) 1 can, ($18)

Spray Paint and… Primer

Bondo Spot Putty ( 1 tube) ($4) This price fluctuates wildly and is always much cheaper at your local Walmart than online - don’t ask me why, it just does this price thing… Glazing Spot Putty

Sandpaper, sanding sponges, detail files, etc. Your choice but you will need these grits… 180 / 220/ 300 / 400 or 600.

Epoxy or Gel Super glue (Your choice ).

Addressable LED strips (144 led/meter) 2 strips ($20 ea) … Specifically… WS2812B RGB Individual Addressable 1 meter long with 144 LEDs in the strip. This density is important for the correct look. It is this density though, that makes it incredibly difficult and fragile to solder this up, but if I can do it so can you!

LED Strips

USB Battery Pack - ($10) We need a long lasting power supply due to the high volume of LEDs so we should get this 10,000 mAh which means this should last 5-8 hrs on a single charge. Heavy Duty Battery

Arduino Nanos (Qty 3) ($12) Arduino Nanos….

Microphone (Qty = 1) ($10) Microphone for the Arduino

Gloves - ($10) Sport Gloves (Black)

Circuit boards & Wires, 22 AWG solid wire, solder, 470 Ohm resisters, and 1,000microF capacitors. Wire ties, 2 - on/off push switches, and 11 conventional LEDs (see wiring diagram)

Copper wire - For the LED matrix connections.

Copper Lead Wire

There are a few miscellaneous supplies that you might need to use not listed here, but easily had or found.

Ok, ready to build this ????

Grab your favorite beverage and put on “Get Lucky” by Daft Punk, cuz we can use a little luck to make this build go great!”

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