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HEXA LEDs - Bluetooth Controlled Glowing Hexagons

With this instructables (my very first one !), I propose to you to make this glowing HEXA shaped light for your living room or for your gamer boy’s room. As you can see, I was in that last case ;-).

The thing is, you can design your own pattern to fit your wall(s), ceiling or whatever surface to cover. Small one, giant one, everything is possible, thanks to the unique modular piece.

The light panel is controlled by an android app (sorry for the Apple ones !) computed on MIT App Inventor.

9 light patterns are available with a lot of adjustable parameters, such as hue, saturation, brightness, speed for the kinetic patterns, etc…And totally customizable for those who wants to go deeper.

The making of this project is quite simple if you have an access to a 3D printer.

You only need to have basic soldering skills and basic arduino computing skills.

Hope you’ll enjoy !!!

What you need to make your own HEXALEDs :

- 3D printer or access to a 3D printer.
- White PLA filament >> White PLA
- Basic Soldering skills + Soldering Iron
- Arduino Nano or Arduino Nano Every >> Nano or Nano Every
- Bluetooth module HC06 >> HC-06
- 1000uF Capacitator
- Adressables RGB Leds (60LEDS/M) WS2812b Length depending on your pattern >> LED strip WS2812B 5M
- 5V Power Supply (20A) Power depending on the nb of LEDs in your project ( 60mA / LED) >> Power Supply
- Wires >> Wires
- BreadBoard PCB 5cmx7cm >> Breadboard PCB
- Simple Switch
- Double sided foam tape (19mm wide, 2mm thick) Length depending on your pattern.
- 3 or 4 wires cable depending on the number of LEDs (<150LEDS 3 wires, >150LEDS 4 wires).

Ideally 5mm diameter >> 4 wires cable

- Female Power plug >> Female power plug
- Female 4 Pins Header connector >> Pin Headers
- Sand paper
- Cyanoacrylate glue
- Hot Glue Gun”

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