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ShroomBox - IoT Mushroom Fruiting Chamber with Blynk

Control temperature, humidity, CO2, and light with an automated open-source mushroom fruiting chamber using ESP32 and Blynk 2.0.

Mushroom growing is becoming an increasing trend as people become aware that growing their own food is very important. Mushrooms, on the other hand, need specific conditions for successful growth. As part of this project, we’ve created an automated chamber for fruitingmushroomsnamed ShroomBox. It enables remote monitoring and control over the fruiting process for people with a tight schedule.

This simplifies the cultivation process and achieves a better yield in less time. We’ve made our own PCB, 3D printed certain parts, wrote a program for an ESP32 microcontroller, and created a mobile application for remote control using Blynk IoT Platform. The chamber allows the automatic regulation of light, temperature, humidity, and carbon dioxide levels.

Sensors and Actuators
Here are listed all sensors used in ShroomBox:

- Temperature and humidity in mushroom chamber: SHT30 (I2C bus)
- Temperature of the room (outside chamber): DS18B20 (OneWire bus)
- Temperature of heating pads: DS18B20 (OneWire bus)
- Substrate moisture: SEN0193 (analog)
- CO2 level: SCD30 (I2C bus)

Here are listed all actuators used in ShroomBox (all operate at 12 VDC):

- Heating pads x2
- Ultrasonic humidifier
- LED strip
- Fan

Heating pads raise the temperature in the chamber, an ultrasonic humidifier maintains adequate relative humidity in the air. The fan takes care of the regulation of oxygen or carbon dioxide. LED lighting provides light in intervals.”

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