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Solar Powered WiFi Weather Station V2.0

This Instructable is a continuation to my earlier weather station project. It was quite popular on the web, people around the globe made their own by following it and given valuable feedbacks for improvement.By taking consideration in to the comments and Q&A section of my earlier project, I decided to make this new version Weather Station.I also made a custom PCB for this project, so any one with little knowledge on electronics circuit can be made this project. My V-2.0 PCB can also be used for many application in Arduino platform. Following are the salient features of new weather station.
1. Connect to Wi-Fi, and upload the data to the web ( Blynk App and Thingspeak)
2. Monitoring Weather parameters like Temperature, Pressure, Humidity, altitude and UV level etc.
3. Extra ports to add more sensors
4. Remote Battery Status Monitoring
5. Uses a powerful Li-Ion Battery ( 3400 mAh ) and Solar Panel (1W)
6. Independence from the external power source
7.Can be installed in remote sites or geographically challenging environments
8. Being Solar powered, it is an environment-friendly device.”

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