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In one of the previous instructable, we saw how to make a simple thermometer with ATTINY 85 which can last for 140days with a single battery and it still works great after 40+ days with the same battery I showed in the video.

But it was a tiny bit clumsy when it came to the electronics and the programming. So, in this instructable, let me show you how to make a thermometer on steroids with features nobody asked for, but by doing so I hope you will definitely learn plenty of electronics along the way.

The device will have the following features:

- Realtime reading using WebSockets
- Auto sleep on when not in use
- Control the thermometer from a webpage
- Sleek PCB design
- Integrated esp-01F programmer
- Integrated lipo charging circuit
- 3d printed case

These are the list of products that can help you do this project with ease

- ESP-01F
- SMD Resistor
- SMD Capacitor
- BC817 transistor
- CP2102 IC7F
- TP4056 ICQz
- Voltage regulator
- Micro USB
- White PLA
- PETG filament
- DS18B20
- OLED display
- Resistor Kit
- 3d Printer
- Printer Upgrades”

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