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Stargate is one of my favourite sci-fi TV show of all time. It is actually in top 3 together with Star Trek and Battlestar Galactica. A while ago my wife gave me an idea for a mirror, which will look like Stargate, so I decided to make it with few additions.

As a huge fan of Arduino, I have designed a circuit with red LEDs for the chevrons and blue LED strip for the mirror frame. I have also added the mini mp3 player to play a Stargate theme song while red chevron LED’s lights up every few seconds. All effects are triggered by PIR motion sensor hidden at the back of the mirror.

I hope you will like this project and happy making :)

- Mini PIR sensor HC-SR505
- Arduino Nano
- Mini DFPlayer module
- 2Gb micro SD card (8Gb can also be used)
- Audio amplifier PAM8403
- 12V Blue LED strip
- 7 x 10mm Red LED
- 7 x 220Ohm 0.5W resistors
- 12V 2A power supply
- 2 x up to 3W mini speakers
- 500mm diameter 3mm thick blue perspex mirror (alternatively silver perxpex mirror)
- Super glue (Gorilla glue recommended)
- PLA or PET-G for FDM 3D printing
- Red translucent UV resin for DLP 3D printing
- Solder
- Equipment wire
- Acrylic spray paint (I recommend Rust-Oleum brand)
- Insulation tape


- Soldering iron
- FDM 3D printer
- DLP/SLA 3D printer (optional)
- Wire strippers/cutters
- 10 buldog clips”

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