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In this article I want to share with you three projects I made with the help of optical fibers and WS2812 LEDs. I know that I have already presented two other projects “Fiber Optic and LEDs - a Wall Decoration” and “Fiber Optic LED Lamp” so… I will put on hold the rest of the ideas that I might present in the future.
This time too, I wanted everything to be as simple, flexible and easy to implement as possible for everyone, but it is necessary to either have a 3D printer or use a 3D printing service.
The basis of these three projects is a 3-piece modules as in the photo below.

You can see that the important part of this module is a ring in which a piece of tape with 6 LEDs can be mounted, and it has 12 holes in which the 3mm diameter PMMA optical fiber can be inserted. The module also contains a support and a cover that I will use for several purposes in the projects below.
All STL files for the base module but also for other printed parts used in the following three project are on Tinkercad.

Let’s get to work !”

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