Have you always wanted to create an Arduino project that is one, really fun to play with, and two, easy to build. Well look no further. Hi there and welcome to my instructable. Here, I will be teaching you to create a Simon Says game with a LCD display.
As I was looking for a project to create for my final evaluation assignment for computer engineering, my teacher gave my class some ideas to create for a project. One of her ideas was to create Simon Says. Simon says was always a game that I had cherished when I was little. Back in kindergarten, my classmates and I would have so much fun playing this game. By understanding the joy I got from playing this game, I went ahead and decided to do this project, however, I wanted to add a bit extra towards the projects, so I used a LCD display to display the score for the user and to notify them when they lose the round.
If you are beginner, it may be a bit difficult for you to create this project, as you will need a basic understanding in building circuits, but don’t worry. You can still make this project. I watched a few videos to really inspire me on what I specifically wanted for my project and how I should go ahead and approach it. Here is a great video that really made me understand this project.”


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