BBQ Thermometer

I built my own BBQ thermometer.

There were many designs and hardware designs. It was not easy to bring all my wishes together.

I am very satisfied with my first prototype.

Two meat temperature sensors (up to 300°) and one fixed grill temperature sensor (up to 600°) can be operated.

It can transmit data via WiFi to a smartphone or a mobile display and send push notifications, you can see a temp chart for long grill job on the smartphone, it will output audio voice messages, it has an OLED display and an digital LED ring over which you can quickly see the core temperature status from a further distance, it has a non-slip bottom and has magnets for mounting the Thermometer on metal objects.

You can enter manual meat core temperatures or choose from meat profiles. Core temperature and grill temperature recommendations can be saved in a profile.

There is also a simple timer function with repeating function.

For pulled pork or other long jobs you can set minimum and maximum grill temperatures so that you are notified of temperature problems.

WLAN and audio output can be activated in the menu.

Some things can still be optimized in the software. I also have a lot of ideas that I want to integrate into the software.

It would be great to design a PCB in the future which integrate all parts.”


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