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Finally found a use for those old hard drives. Containing 60 RGB LEDs, this unique lamp makes a nice addition to any room.

This unique lamp uses 11 hard disk platters and 60 RGB LEDs and would adorn any room in your home. It is controlled by a Web browser over a WiFi connection. It has eight animations that show off the beauty of this lamp.

Original Version
I would like to take credit for the design but this goes to Cosmic Mac ( The changes I have made are:

Increased the height of the “Lampshade_centering_disc.stl” to make assembly easier.
Added a 3 Amp power supply because the WeMos cannot provide enough power through its USB port.
Removed the infrared control system because to detect and decode the infrared signal from the remote, the processor needs to be dedicated to the task. The problem with WS2812B strips is they also need a dedicated processor because they are also timing critical when being updated.
Added a Web Server so that the lamp can be controlled via a browser over the WiFi connection.
Modified the WS2812FX library so the animations work well with the platters.

Building the lamp
3D print Base, Lid, Axis and Nut in black PLA or ABS. 3D print Lampshade and Lampshade_centering_disc in transparent PLA or ABS. 3D print files can be found at Thingverse.

Cut the strips into 6 pieces with each piece having 10 LEDs

Solder three wires to VCC, DIN and GND on the first strip. Solder a short wire to DOUT on the same strip (this will connect to DIN on the second strip). Push the three wires through the hole at the thread end. Once in, remove the backing tape and stick it to the form.”

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