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Phillips Hue style bulb, 3D printed. ESP8288 with MQTT support.

Started this project because I wanted a Hue type bulb that didn’t require a hub or some 3rd party application. I wanted it to integrate with Home Assistant via MQTT and cost less than the Phillips Hue bulbs.

This is a work in progress and uses a modified version of esp8266-fastled-mqtt by awilhelmer. I’m a novice at C++/Arduino coding so the code can definitely be optimized–apologies for the mess, maybe someone out there would be interesting in contributing to the code? I know there are projects out there that are a complete solution to HA integration such as McLighting by toblum but I like better the patterns in this sketch–originally created by Jason Coon. It adds some support for HA. But this project will work with any sketch for the ESP8266.”

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