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How to Make a Wireless Air Piano Glove

Purposes and functions:

Our wearable technology project is to create a wireless air piano glove with synchronized lights using basic electronics, a micro-controller such as a HexWear, and a laptop with Arduino and Max 8 software. The uses of our project are to play piano notes through a Bluetooth speaker by moving the fingers without being connected to any stationary system or actual instrument, as well as to scroll through a selection of instrument choices so that all their notes or sounds can also be played via the wireless glove on command.

The way that this project works is that when wearing the air piano glove, each of the four connected fingers contains a flex sensor that determines if a finger is being bent. When a finger is being bent, the LED on that corresponding finger lights up informing the user this finger has been sufficiently bent, and using Max 8 software, a corresponding note will play from the computer. Thus, each finger corresponds to a unique note and the user will be able to wirelessly play music form an external source via this glove on their hand. Using Max 8 software, this does not limit the glove to only play piano music, other unique sounds are able to be played from each corresponding finger allowing any user to manipulate whichever types of sounds they please.

List of required materials:

Adafruit short flex sensors (4) ,…
Adafruit white LED backlight modules (4),
100 kΩ resistors (4)
1kΩ resistor (1)
HexWear microcontroller Kit,…
Micro USB to USB cable
External battery pack connecting to a micro USB output
AAA batteries
Glove with stretchable fabric
Laptop with the Arduino IDE and Max 8 software installed
Soldering iron and solder
Scotch tape, Electrical tape, and twist ties
Free wire, wire cutter, and wire stripper
Bluetooth speaker, or a speaker and AUX cord
Heat Shrink and Heat Shrink Tubing
Wire Crimpers
Thin Circuit Board,…”

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