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ESP8266 MP3 Sound Machine v2

Last summer, I made an ESP8266 MP3 Sound Machine using ESPHome to play calming sounds when my son goes to sleep. I used ESPHome to develop the firmware so it could communicate with my Home Automation platform, Home Assistant. Well, requirements change and projects need updating. So over the holidays, I created a v2.0 of the project.

For the new version, I wanted to:

Support two different tracks, which means a second button to toggle things on/off locally
A better enclosure and more permanent circuit
The project still uses the DFPlayer Mini to read the MP3s to play from an SD Card and an ESP8266 NodeMCU for wireless connectivity.

My family is using this to play white noise soothing sounds for our infant to fall asleep. You could also use this as a WiFi-connected alarm clock, play dog barking as intruder prevention, or anything else where playing an MP3 off an SD card makes sense.”

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