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Music Reactive Mood Lights

Back in freshman year (Spring of 2019), I wanted to spruce up my dorm room. I came up with the idea of building my own mood lights which would react to the music I listened to on my headphones. Frankly, I had no particular inspiration, I just thought they looked cool. In the heat of finals season, I cobbled together an LED strip controller that could react to audio. It worked, but it was just a breadboard setup, far from anything complete or permanent. Time passed, homework piled up, and that project sank deeper and deeper into my box of unfinished things.

Then the quarantine struck.

I gained enough time to pursue the things I like and the energy to complete projects of days past. Thus, that lonely breadboard was rescued from the bottom of my pile and this project was finally (well, mostly) completed.

This is not a full fledged product, evident by the cardboard and shoddy programming, but a fun little decoration nonetheless.

(This Instructable is not as detailed, mostly due to how long ago this device was made.)


Basic circuit knowledge and experience programming Arduino.

Note to Maker (You):

The mood lights that you will make will almost certainly not match what I have. Treat this Instructable more as a suggestion and put your own spin on it!

Teensy++ 2.0 (or whatever Arduino you have)
Various resistors
Various switches
Various capacitors
3.5 mm jack (male or female)
Potentiometers (or Encoders)
Audio Amplifier IC
Addressable LED strips
Headphone Splitter”

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