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Advanced but yet affordable end-to-end medical remote monitoring solution of patient vitals and influence by the indoor air quality.

Contextual Pandemic
As everyone experienced lately the biggest stress is provoked by not knowing what is going on. Not able to distinguish properly symptoms and developing fear in the people around and experience isolation.

MultiSenseCrown can help you put dots together and get a more insights on yourself and environment you live in and get faster remote medical support.

Indoor conditions influence the evolution of the disease
There is strong evidence for aerosols as an important mode of coronavirus transmission, most of which occurs indoors, and that indoor measures to slow the spread are often easily implemented at relatively low cost. The spread of aerosolized SARS-CoV-2, the virus that causes COVID-19, inside public buildings could be suppressed using engineering controls such as effective ventilation, possibly with air filtration and disinfection and avoidance of air re-circulation and overcrowding.

MultiSenseCrown is a proposal of telemedicine usecase while offering an all-in-one complete monitoring system for human vitals but also environmental conditions.”

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