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PUPPI is a tiny, portable, edge ML device ready to interpret a dogs’ mood based on vocal signals

A dog is man’s best friend. But more often than not, the relationship isn’t bilateral. A true friend listens, and with PUPPI we are planning to enable that for more people than ever before.For the longest of times, guide dogs have been a pillar onto which people with all kinds of disabilities have been able to support themselves with. But specifically for the hearing impaired, the primary method through which a dog communicates with us is out of the picture.PUPPI is a tiny, portable and easy to use device, meant to identify a dog’s different moods through sound analysis. Puppi is small enough that it can be carried clipped onto one’s shirt, or even attached to your guide dog’s collar. Our app’s easy-to-use interface categorizes different moods in a fast and intuitive way, giving the user not only the possibility of quickly gauging the detected stimulus, but also to determine how confident our model is in its decision.The project is spearheaded and mentored by our lecturer at the University of Electrotechnical Engineering, Luka Mali.

Puppi consists of three elements. At its core is the PuppiMachineLearningModel which performs an analysis of sound data collected by the Arduino Nano 33 BLE Sense device’s microphone, with the findings being sent to the PuppiMobileApp via Bluetooth.”

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