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Today I would like to share how to make a sculpture circuit that controls 16 RGB leds using ATTINY85. We can adjust their colors separately according to the colorwheel rule with a touch button.

The main components are as follows:

1pcs x DigiSpark ATTiny85.
1pcs x Shift Register 74HC595N.
1pcs x Power Logic 8-Bit Shift Register TPIC6B595N.
8pcs x Transistor A1013.
16pcs x RGB LED 5mm, Common Anode.
6pcs x R100.
8pcs x R1K.
2pcs x Capacitor 0.1uF.
1pcs x 2.54mm Pitch 40 Long Pin Single Female Header.
1pcs x 16-Pin DIP IC Base Socket Connector (For 74HC595N).
1pcs x 20-Pin DIP IC Base Socket Connector (For TPIC6B595N).
1pcs x Touch Button.
1meter bare copper wire.
1pcs x Power Bank 5V.”

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