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Continuing with ATtiny85, today I’d like to share how to build a music spectrum analyzer on 16x20 RGB led matrix. The music signal FFT transformation and LED Bit Angle Modulation are all carried out by one DigiSpark ATtiny85.

Main components are as follows:

1 x DigiSpark ATtiny85.
320 x 5mm Common Anode RGB LEDs.
16 x A1013 Transistors.
2 x Shift Register 74HC595N.
9 x Power Logic 8-Bit Shift Register TPIC6B595N.
12 x 0.1uF Decoupling Capacitors.
100 x 100Ω Resistors.
16 x 1kΩ Resistors.
4 x 10kΩ Resistors.
1 x Single-Side Copper Prototype PCB Size A4.
2 x Clear Acrylic Plate Size A4.
2 x Male & Female 40pin 2.54mm Header.
1 x Power Supply Adapter 5V/2A.
1 x DC Power Supply Female Socket.
1 x DC Power Supply Screw Type.
8 x Copper Standoff Spacers 20mm.
1 x 3.5mm Audio Jack.
2 meter x Rainbow Color Flat Ribbon Cable.”

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